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Combine your Wistia stats with other platforms using custom widgets and dashboards.

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Easily track your views over any date range, and use filters and segments to better understand where your audience is coming from.

Average percent viewed

See how much of your videos people watch on average during any date range, from which locations, and on which devices.

Engagement and rewatches

Track the engagement and rewatches of any of your videos, allowing you to see where in your videos people are leaving or rewatching.

Time watched

Calculate the amount of time that people have spent watching your videos – whether a single video, a Collection, or all of your videos.

Emails collected

Total up the number of emails collected by any of your videos so you can see which videos are the most effective at generating email leads.

Filters and segments

Focus on only the data you want with filters and segments based on location (country, region, city) or technology (browser, platform, device).


Create dynamic timeboxes, like “this quarter” or “last year,” which automatically update each day, or choose your own custom date range.


Group multiple videos together into a Collection to add their stats together – even videos from different platforms.

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Easy Integrations

Connect to all of your video hosting platforms in minutes. We handle all of the data collection for you, so you never have to wrangle CSVs again.

Customizable Dashboards

Create multiple, fully-customizable, sharable dashboards. Organize your dashboards however it makes sense for you with drag-and-drop widgets.

World of Widgets

Display the right data the right way. A variety of widgets are available to best tell your data’s story.

Dig into Your Data

Audience tools help you focus on exactly the information you need by filtering, segmenting, and timeboxing your data.

Automatically download your data from every video platform.

Automatically download your data from every video platform.

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Connect your Wistia account in seconds.

Connect your Wistia account in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

I connected a video account but my dashboard is blank – why?

Because the needs of every marketer are different, we don’t create any dashboards for you (but we’d be happy to help you directly over Skype). To get started, we recommend following the first 6 widgets you should create.

Which platforms do you connect to?

We connect to YouTube, Facebook, and Wistia. If there are other metrics or platforms we don’t offer that you’d like us to have, just send us a message!

How long does my first data sync take?

It depends on how many video views you have. The length of time increases linearly with the number of views. A good estimate is about 5 minutes for every 3000 views.

I’m on a small team – can we have multiple users?

You can only have one person attached to a Medialytics account for now, but we’ll be adding team functionality in the future. For now you can share read-only dashboards to keep anyone up to date.

How frequently are my video stats updated?

Your video stats will sync as soon as you create your account, and then once every day around 9pm EST. More frequent syncing will be available soon.

How do I send you feedback or issues?

Just click the chat bubble in the bottom right (or in the sidebar on your dashboard), and you can directly message us at anytime. If we’re available, we’ll be happy to chat in real-time.

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