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Integrations & Metrics

Once connected, we’ll automatically download all of your video stats for you – no more slogging through CSVs.

We support a number of metrics across all of the platforms, like views, percent viewed, likes/dislikes, and more.


Organize your data the way you want to by creating your own dashboards using drag-and-drop widgets.

Then share read-only versions of your dashboards with anyone to easily keep them up-to-date.


Tell a great story with your data using the right widgets.

Use a variety of widgets – like line charts, engagement graphs, donut charts, and others – to create a clear message.

Line chart - total views - segmented by desktop and mobile

Audience Tools

Dig into your data to really understand your audience.

Filter or segment by location or device, which allows you to see where your viewers are coming from.

Timebox to see when your audience is watching your videos.

Media Tools

Create Collections of videos to quickly add them to your widgets and analyze the videos together.

Getting started is easy. Connect all of your video accounts in minutes.