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In the bottom right corner of your screen, you may have noticed this little guy ^

Or this handsome mug:


This is an awesome communication tool called Drift. Drift is basically an instant messenger client for a website, and it’ll allow for you to message me directly and in real time. So if you have any questions or issues, you can just click that button and I’ll be happy to help you out!

In addition to Drift, if you’re on the Wistia Community Slack, then you can also direct message me there. And, of course, there’s always email. Worst case, you can try carrier pigeon.

A few Drift tips

In case you’re thinking of using Drift on your own website, here are some tips that I learned from setting it up:

  • The first thing I recommend doing is integrating Drift with Slack. Both of the services have free plans, and the integration is free. Integrating with Slack makes communicating using Drift really easy.
  • You should consider making a Slack team just for Drift. I first integrated Drift into our primary Slack team and discovered that things could get messy quickly. When you have a conversation with Drift in Slack, it creates a new channel for that convo. I’ve been told that the channel is automatically removed after 12 hours of inactivity, but still – I don’t want to clutter our channels list and have to manually remove Drift channels or wait for them to disappear.
  • Make sure email notifications are turned off. Anytime you receive a message you’ll get an email, and those can add up very, very quickly. If you’re using Slack, you really don’t need any other notifications.
  • Change your Hours & Availability to what best suits you.
  • Modify your messaging so that it reflects your personality.
  • Also google some messaging inspiration for short and simple calls-to-action that prompt visitors to answer questions that will launch a productive and useful conversation.
  • Change the color of the messenger to mirror your brand.

Insanely great customer service

This post was going to stop after the Drift tips, but before I had finished writing, Cara, Drift’s Customer Success Manager, reached out to me using Drift on our home page. I had only installed Drift maybe 12 hours earlier, so when I saw who it was coming from my first thought was, “That’s nice of her, but I’ve used this for all of half an hour – this won’t be useful.” But I’m happy to say that I was quite wrong!

Cara immediately asked if I had any feedback or questions. I felt like some things during the onboarding process, specifically around the Slack integration, could use a bit more clarity. I shared my thoughts and ideas with her. She was extremely receptive to my feedback and immediately passed it onto the team (who are apparently releasing code like madmen).

Our chat ended up being much more useful and productive than I had expected. She answered all of my questions and took note of any issues I had during onboarding. Plus it gave me an opportunity to use Drift for the first time and get a feel for the product – if that’s not the perfect way to introduce somebody to your product, I don’t know what is.

Andy Waplinger

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Medialytics. I'm on a mission to make the lives of content creators everywhere easier and more informed. I love to learn and teach and empower others. I also love puppy GIFs.

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