Our Journey to Rebranding

Our new logo is a striking departure from the original, and one that I’m very proud of. The journey to this new direction wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There was a lot of arguing discussion, some frustration, and, in the end, a few important life lessons – all because of a damn logo.

Danielle, the other half of Meshtrics, and myself had been going back and forth about our logo (and overall design) for a little while. Neither of us strongly disliked anything about our aesthetics, but neither of us were completely in love with it either. So one Saturday, about a month ago, we decided it was time.

The First a-HA Moment

We knew that we wanted a logo that was much simpler – in terms of both design and color. Each of us started by working on a few new concepts. We explored staying with a mesh-based design while removing the “M.”

Our first logo design attempt

When I saw this, the first thing that struck me was the play button that we had unintentionally created. It was a pretty clear a-HA moment. The core of Meshtrics is focused on what happens after your audience hits your play button, and the play button is synonymous with video content. It was the perfect cornerstone to our new branding.

The Second a-HA Moment

Now that we had a clearer direction of what we wanted, we started playing with… well, play buttons. It didn’t take long before I came up with this design:

Our second logo design attempt

As soon as I saw it, I had my second a-HA moment. This was it. We lost the mesh design, which I was totally ok with – thin lines don’t scale down well and are way too busy. But we retained the M and incorporated a play button. I was convinced that this was it. Done. Fin. Print it.

But Danielle not-so-subtly suggested that we should hire a designer to take a stab at our redesign.

I’ll admit, I definitely let my ego and love for this concept get in the way. I was indignant over the idea of us taking more time and money to create a design for something that I felt was an awesome improvement.

And my ego didn’t want to risk having a designer create something different that I wouldn’t like but Danielle would think is so much better than my idea, leading us to more arguments discussions over branding.

She began looking for designers on Envato, trying to find someone who already worked with the aesthetic we wanted. Thankfully she and I tend to share similar tastes in design, and after looking through a few portfolios, I relented and let her hire a very talented designer without putting up a fight.

Boom. Nailed it.

Our designer said that he’d create 2-3 concepts for us, but as soon as he sent the first one, we knew we had a winner.
The final winning Meshtrics logo

We both immediately fell in love with it – there was no question that this was the new Meshtrics. It was perfectly simple and incorporated all of the elements that we wanted – an M, a play button, fewer colors, and a more scalable design. Done. Fin. Print it.

The Important Takeaways

At the end of all of this, I was able to reflect on a few important lessons that were reinforced thanks to this experience:

  1. Pick your battles. Any time I start to argue with someone, I ask myself, “Is this the hill you want to die on?” When someone disagrees with you, you tend to double down on your position, quickly losing all perspective and empathy. Stop, breathe, reconsider.
  2. When you choose to fight, know when/where/how to compromise. This isn’t a zero-sum game, especially when you’re building a company with someone. Don’t taint your long-term partnership with short-term wins – all you will do is erode your foundation.
  3. Trust your partner. You specifically chose to work with them. They have ideas and skills that are different from yours, and you can and should learn from them.
  4. Hire experts when you can. I love design. I think I have good taste. But at the end of the day I’m not the professional. I’m very glad that we could approach the designer with our own concepts, but I should’ve handed over the responsibility sooner.

All of this… because of a damn logo.

Andy Waplinger

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Medialytics. I'm on a mission to make the lives of content creators everywhere easier and more informed. I love to learn and teach and empower others. I also love puppy GIFs.

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