Entirely new Library and Account pages

New Library Page

The Library has been entirely redone with a new style and increased functionality. We’ve made it easier to see and search all of your videos across your video integrations. Each video card shows you the video title, Wistia project, total views, and average engagement. If you hover over a card, the views and engagement disappear, clearly showing you the video thumbnail.

New Meshtrics Library page

When you first go to the Library, you’re presented with all of your videos in alphabetical order. If you have more than one integration setup (see the new account page), you can click on Videos and select a specific integration if you want to see only the videos in that account.

New dropdown menu

We’ve also separated the Meshvideo and Collection pages and greatly improved the creation process. You can now see which project a video belongs to, and you can quickly add multiple videos – no more single search and select!

Create a Meshvideo

Account page

The account page has also been completely revamped from the bottom up. It has a lot more account-based functionality (change email, change password), video account stats, as well as the ability to add or remove other video platform integrations (though we’re still currently limited to Wistia).


This new page lays the groundwork necessary to support upcoming features like additional platform integrations and teams.

Updated top and sidebars

There are some minor but noticeable design updates to the top and sidebars. They’re a little thinner and cleaner, making them less distracting and allowing you to more easily focus on your charts and data.

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