Our new branding, revamped user flow, and more!

Completely new branding
As you can see, we have a new logo! I wrote about our journey to rebranding and the life lessons I had reinforced thanks to our journey over in this blog post.

User flow
We have an entirely new user flow for signing up, logging in, and finally – resetting your password. All of the pages have been redesigned (and have a sweet, dynamic mesh background – a little indulgent, I know), and we’ve setup automated emails for signups, password resets, and email changes through SendGrid.

New Meshtrics login screen

New database
One of the largest thorns in our side has been our database. We’ve been running our database on the same server that runs our app (aka your dashboards), which meant a lot of memory and CPU sharing between the app and the database. And looking long term, keeping our database on that server would present scalability problems and unnecessary risk.

So we decided that enough is enough. Our database is now living on Google’s Cloud SQL service, which will make it very easy for us to scale up storage as we bring in more data, increase database speed, create redundancy and backups of our data, and spin up new servers in new locations as our user base expands geographically.

We’ll continue working to improve the speed and efficiency of our database. If you have any issues with your data loading, please let us know.

New Contact page
Instead of the Contact Us link simply opening up a new email, we’ve implemented a full on contact page. This will help us better manage any incoming inquiries about Meshtrics. Don’t worry, everything will still come to me and I’ll read every email!

Meshtrics' new contact page


Andy Waplinger

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Medialytics. I'm on a mission to make the lives of content creators everywhere easier and more informed. I love to learn and teach and empower others. I also love puppy GIFs.

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