Medialytics Library

There are three parts to your Medialytics Library:

  • Main Library page
  • Integration Library pages
  • Collections

Main Library Page

The main Library page displays all of your video integrations. Each video integration has all of its videos in alphabetical order with a couple key stats overlaid.

Main Library

Integration Library Pages

You can view the Library page of a specific integration by clicking on Videos in the top bar. A dropdown will show you each of your integrations, which you can click on. Wistia integrations will now have your videos separated by project, while YouTube integrations remain alphabetical.

Integration Library select


Collections make it very quick and easy to add the same group of videos to your widgets, and you can either keep their stats separate on widgets that allow segmenting (more on that later) or aggregate their stats together.

This might be a little confusing at first, so let me give you a couple of examples for how you could use Collections:

  • You have multiple copies of a video spread around your website and you want to see how they’re doing as a whole (aggregated)
  • You’re running an A/B test where you have two different thumbnails on the same video and don’t want to have to add their views or average their engagement manually (aggregated)
  • You’ve released a series of videos and want to see the total views of all the videos combined (separate)

To create a Collection, click the + button next to Collections in the top bar. Add the videos you want to add to your Collection, name it, and click save.

Now when you go to create a widget, instead of only being able to select a single video, you can select multiple videos by using a Collection! And you can change whether you want to show the videos separately or as one under the Chart section of the Widget Options.

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