Introducing Timeboxing – setting date ranges on your widgets

We’ve finally begun to roll out timeboxing on our widgets. The first widget with timeboxing is the Total Display widget:

Total Display widget

How to Setup Timeboxing


Enabling timeboxing on your widget is super easy:

  1. Click the Edit button
  2. Click on Timeboxing
  3. Click the Enable button
  4. Select your Start Date
  5. Select your End Date
  6. Save your settings

Your widget will automatically update and display the total metric from within that date range.

We’ll start to roll out timeboxing to our other widgets soon. In the meantime, please test it out and send me any feedback (good, bad, or ugly) so we can improve your experience with and the usefulness of timeboxing!

Redesigned Widget Settings Modal

New modal

While we updated the widget settings with timeboxing, we took the opportunity to revamp the entire settings modal. It’s now much, much easier and clearer when selecting your media and filtering your data. As with timeboxing, I’d love any feedback on these changes because it’s a pretty substantial move from the previous modal and we want to make sure we did it right.

Beyond all of that, we did some small UI tweaks to further polish and improve the look and feel of Medialytics.

Andy Waplinger

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Medialytics. I'm on a mission to make the lives of content creators everywhere easier and more informed. I love to learn and teach and empower others. I also love puppy GIFs.

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