Dashboard, Metrics, and Widgets

Your Medialytics Dashboard is where all the magic happens. You can dig into your video metrics by creating a variety of widgets that live on your Dashboard.

Available Metrics

The different metrics that you can currently dig into are:

Total ViewsYesYes
Average EngagementYesComing Soon
Time WatchedYesComing Soon
Emails CollectedYes
Total VideosYesYes
Engagement/RewatchYesComing Soon
Total Wistia ProjectsYes

Total Views: the number of views

Average Engagement: the average percent of the video that your audience watches

Time Watched: the total amount of time people have watched your video

Emails Collected: the total number of views that are from a known email address within Wistia

Total Videos: the total number of videos in your account

Engagement/Rewatch: displays the percentage engagement, number of views, and number of rewatches from your viewers at each second of your video

Total Wistia Projects: the total number of Wistia projects in your account

Over time, we’ll continue to expand the number of available metrics. Please tell us which other metrics you’d like!

Available Widgets

In order to dig into those metrics, you can use a variety of widgets:

WidgetTotal ViewsAverage EngagementTime WatchedEmails CollectedTotal VideosEngagement/
Total Wistia Projects
Line ChartYesYesYes
Donut ChartYesYesYesYesYesYes
Total CountYesYesYesYesYesYes
Top VideosYesYesYesYes
Scatter PlotYes

Line Chart
Line chart
Donut Chart
Donut chart
Total Count
Total count
Top Videos
Top videos
Scatter Plot
Scatter plot
Engagement/Rewatch chart

If there’s a certain metric or widget that we don’t have and you would find super useful, please let us know!

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