Dashboard Features

Your Medialytics Dashboard has a couple of great features that are extremely useful for organization and communication.

Multiple Dashboards

Keeping all of your widgets on a single dashboard will quickly become cumbersome and unclear. Using multiple dashboards allows you to keep your widgets organized and grouped together in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

To create additional dashboards, click your dashboard in the top menu. This will drop down your dashboard menu. You can click Create New at the bottom, which will allow you to name your dashboard and choose if you want it to be your default dashboard (coming up next).

Multiple dashboards

Set Default Dashboard

Your default dashboard is the dashboard that you’re presented with each time you load up Medialytics. Only one dashboard can be your default dashboard.

To make a dashboard your default dashboard, open up your dashboard menu, hover over the dashboard you want to be your default, and click on the Settings cog when it appears. Simply hit the Make Default Dashboard switch and that dashboard will be the one that loads when you visit Medialytics.

Default dashboard

Public Dashboards

Making a dashboard public is extremely useful if you want to share out a dashboard without having to deal with the risk or hassle of someone else getting access to Medialytics. Public dashboards are read-only, so nobody can change anything around.

To make a dashboard public, open up the dashboard menu, then the Settings for that dashboard. When your Dashboard Options pops up, click on Public. After you switch Public to On, we’ll auto-generate a public URL that you can copy and send to anybody.

Public dashboard

Public dashboards are also perfect for digital signage, in case your company likes to post dashboards or other info on TVs around the office.

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