Creating a Widget

Creating a widget is super easy. To get started, click the + sign over on the sidebar and select a metric. A window will pop up – this holds all of your widget options.

Selecting Media

The first thing to do is select your media. This can be:

  • All of your videos
  • A single video
  • A meshvideo
  • A collection

You can either page through the list, which is in alphabetical order, or you can search for the video you want.

Select media

After you’ve selected your media, you can click on Selected Media to collapse that section, and then click on Widget Options.

Widget Type and Name

This is where you can choose the Widget Type and give your widget a name. We auto-generate a name for you based on the metric and name of the media you selected, but you’re free to change the title to whatever you want.

Widget options

Running Total

If you choose a Line Chart, you’ll also have the option to turn on Running Total. Turning this on will display your data building upon itself over time.

Running total

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