Chart Options – Segmenting

Segmenting is the second step in digging further into your audience. It automates the process of splitting up your data by certain segments.

Segmenting Your Data


Segmenting allows you to take your data and break it up based on location (country, region, or city) or device (browser, platform, or mobile/desktop). Segmenting is available on the line chart, donut chart, and scatter plot.

After you choose your segment type and save, your chart will display multiple segments (duh) and have a legend that tells you what each of the segments are.

Enable or disable a segment

You can turn segments on and off just by clicking on their respective indicator dot. A single click will disable that segment, while a double-click will disable all segments but that segment. After double clicking, a single click on that segment will re-enable all the segments.

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